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Who We Are

SINCE 2013

2013 marks the beginning of when a group of sport enthusiasts and creative professionals got together to promote this new exciting discipline. Our curiosity only grew bigger with the industry's potential, its energy and its sometimes chaotic product releases.


After close to a decade of sustained research & development, prototypes and product releases, the industry is finally counting several strong manufacturers. The growing products' variety and the increasing reliability are now enjoyed by all, from professional athletes to casual riders.
There is still much to be done, especially in improving services and in organizing the sport. chose this crucial time to offer a collaborative platform to connect, reflect and grow the industry.


We do not sell equipment. is a catalyst that, with your help, will give the industry a voice by providing fresh and timely content on products, actors and trends. We want to better define the global regulatory landscape and seek ways to grow the community.


When you purchase an item on our store, you support our efforts and help us invest more into reporting, interviews and programs for the Motosurf community.